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Zoë Xenia

Zoë Xenia's music is an exchange of energy that dissolves boundaries and therefore becomes a universal language. It's a tool to express herself and connect straight to the hearts of people.


Her productions are marked by a distinct hybrid of electronic beats, soundscapes, melodic chords and rolling bass lines, married in harmony with her soulful voice. She uses her voice both as a lead vocal and as an instrument itself.


Zoë Xenia's music, collaborations and remixes have been released on labels such as KMS Records, Armada, Suara, Kling Klong, BassCulture and Connaisseur to name a few and her first album came out on Plastic City.

She collaborated with Cari Lekebusch as well, releasing 6 EP's together which were played out by artists such as Richie Hawtin and Adam Beyer.

Her new EP 'State of Mind' is out now on Motto Sono Records.


Zoë Xenia has lent her unique voice to various projects as well.

For example she recently featured on Mathias Kaden's 'Blackbird' EP for Rekids, Pacha Recordings invited her to record vocals for Richard Grey and she was asked by Kosmo Records for a vocal remake of BBE's huge dance hit '7 days and one week'.


With her productions, soulful voice, and powerful live and dj sets Zoë Xenia creates a hypnotic, ecstatic experience for the listener and dancing crowd.


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